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“Please do yourself a favor and don’t miss a moment of this monumentally important summit. Brian Vaszily is renowned for getting the truly valuable insights that make the biggest difference in people’s lives from those he interviews. And in this unique summit, he’s going to have the world’s top longevity experts reveal their most powerful but little-known insights of all, so it is going to be a life-changer.

- Jason Prall, leading longevity researcher, The Human Longevity Project

”A world of evidence-based wellness pearls exists that can make a profound difference in how long and how well you live. My deeply insightful (and fun!) friend Brian Vaszily has gathered together many of today’s top doctors and researchers who provide you the most powerful of those ‘little-known life-changers.’ Do yourself a favor and listen closely to this important summit!

- Dr. Kristi Funk, MD, world-renowned breast health expert

“My friend Brian Vaszily, a natural health veteran with over 2 decades experience, had a challenging first half of life, to say the least. He’s turned that into a mission to help others through whatever challenges they may be facing. Brian’s courage, passion, and wisdom shine through in his endeavors, and I know this summit will be an extraordinary next step. When you tune in, and apply what you learn, your life will grow in health and in happiness

- Ocean Robbins, CEO & Host, Food Revolution Network

“With the top experts addressing such a crucial question, this new online summit certainly promises to open eyes and change lives. My friend Brian Vaszily, the host, has been a positive force in the natural health world for over 20 years, his mission is so important, and this summit is the pinnacle of that mission.

- Nick Polizzi, Top indigenous & ancient medicine researcher, filmmaker, The Sacred Science

“There is so much crucial knowledge on how to look and feel younger, avoid disease and live longer that people aren’t hearing nearly enough about. Natural health veteran Brian Vaszily is pulling together today’s top healthy aging and longevity experts to reveal the most powerful of those little-known insights, and to say you don’t want to miss this event is an understatement. Awaiting you within this summit are the answers you seek that will change your life.”

-Dr. Eric Zielinski, leading natural health doctor.

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“Brian brings deep knowledge, a big heart, and a gift for pulling the best out of those he interviews. If you’re truly looking to make positive changes this year, don’t miss a moment of this particular summit.

- Dr. Pedram Shojai, NY Times bestselling author, filmmaker, Interconnected

This summit promises to be one of the most important events in years. Who doesn’t want to learn little-known steps that make the biggest difference in terms of looking and feeling your best and living long? And the host, Brian Vaszily, is super smart and FUN, so you’ll not only attain life-changing insights, you’ll have a great time doing it!”

- Susan Peirce-Thompson, PhD, NY Times bestselling author, Bright Line Eating ​

With so many of the world’s top longevity and healthy aging experts in this one event, and Brian’s crucial question for them, you’re in for a truly life-changing experience. Especially because Brian has a remarkable ability to pull the best out of those he interviews, and with his decades of health research his own insights are so important in their own right.”

- Jonathan Otto, , researcher, filmmaker, Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets

Our World-Renowned Doctors & Health Experts Have Been Featured On:

Day 1

David Sinclair, PhD., AO

Top Harvard Medical School longevity researcher, winner of 35+ major awards, named “One of the World’s 100 Most Influential People” by Time magazine.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from David…

Most people are making big mistakes that are turning OFF their longevity genes. Here’s what you need to know to turns yours ON… regardless of your age, condition, or previous habits.

Ocean Robbins

World-renowned, award-winning nutrition expert and #1 bestselling author. Co-founder of the half-million-member Food Revolution Network.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Ocean…

Research shows one simple change to this routine activity can help immunity, help sleep, and even improve your skin and hair…

Dr. David Perlmutter

Globally acclaimed neurologist. Winner of prestigious awards for longevity & brain health innovations. #1 NY Times bestselling author. Featured on 20/20, Oprah.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Perlmutter…

Most people believe they have little control over this. However, research shows 90% is under your control… and this means everything in terms of how long and how well you live!

Day 2

Dr. Pedram Shojai​

World-renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Taoist Monk. New York Times bestselling author. Director/producer of groundbreaking hit films.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Shojai…

Nearly everyone today is making a very UN-holistic mistake that leads to unnecessary suffering and disease… here’s the roadmap to avoid that.​

Dr. Eric Zielinski​

Widely celebrated natural health and healthy aging pioneer. Author of #1 bestsellers on essential oils.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Zielinski…

It’s one of the most powerful “little-knowns” of all. It can be challenging. However, it truly can change your health and life in monumental ways.

Dr. Kristi Funk​

World-famous surgeon, breast health M.D. to celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Crow. Known for innovative, non-invasive solutions.

Here’s a taste of just one of Dr. Funks’s little-known life-changers…

What you truly MUST know to achieve healthy breasts now and late into life. (And what you must know about breast discharge and more.)

Day 3

Dr. Joel Fuhrman​

World-renowned M.D. legendary for reversing disease with nutrition. 7-time NY Times bestselling author including Eat to Live. Advisor to Dr. Oz.

Here’s a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Fuhrman…

The life-shortening mistake people are making with nature’s most disease-fighting, life-extending food. And… a very widespread and dangerous “health food” myth busted.

Robyn Openshaw, MSW​

Globally acclaimed detoxification & longevity expert. Founder of top natural health site. Bestselling author of 15 books. Former clinical psychotherapist.

Here’s a taste of just the little-known life-changers from Robyn…

The incredibly powerful habit that prompts your body to prevent disease and achieve optimal health.

Nick Polizzi​

Top indigenous and ancient medicine researcher and hit filmmaker celebrated worldwide for revealing top natural alternatives to conventional approaches.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Nick…

The little-known ancient super-herb that helps energy, immunity, sleep, and rebalances your body.

Day 4

Ari Whitten​

World-renowned energy and fatigue specialist whose cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches have helped many thousands often double their daily energy rapidly.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Ari…

The biggest secret you almost never hear on how to avoid fatigue and disease.

Dr. Michelle Sands​

Widely acclaimed hormone and epigenetics expert and ND featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and USA Today for her powerful innovations in women’s health.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Sands…

The most widespread hormone imbalance in women and the havoc it causes.

Dr. Michael Murray​

Legendary 35-year veteran widely considered one of the world’s top natural health authorities. Featured on 20/20, Dateline. Over 6 million copies of his 30+ books in print.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Murray…

The one KEY question you must answer if you truly want to live longer and better, and a powerful and unique “priming exercise” to help you answer it.​

Day 5

Dr. Daniel Pompa​

One of the world’s most sought-after experts in neurotoxic and “unexplained” conditions and a 25-year natural health veteran.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Pompa…

If you have any “unexplained” symptoms, you need to know about the FAR too little-known but widespread toxin that disrupts receptors in your brain and may be causing them.

Dr. Lani Simpson​

Widely acclaimed bone health/osteoporosis, menopause, and skin health expert with 30 years of experience. Host of popular PBS special Stronger Bones, Longer Life.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Simpson…

Why women – starting the year before menopause, during menopause, and in the 5 to 7 years after menopause – can lose 20% of bone density.

Cory Muscara​

World-renowned mindfulness and positive psychology teacher and frequent Dr. Oz guest who lived 6 months in silence as a monk in Burma.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Cory…

If you ever or often find yourself consumed by worry and fear, this can lead to fast and radical improvement…​

Day 6

Jonathan Otto​

World-renowned investigative health journalist and filmmaker.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Jonathan…

This little-known infection may be so widespread it could be classified as epidemic. It affects mental health and causes other disease… and the powerful plants that can help it.

Jonathan Landsman​

Acclaimed 30-year natural health veteran and popular talk show host who’s created over 500 programs with over 300 top doctors and other experts.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Jonathan…

People are not getting nearly enough of this one crucial vitamin, yet it’s simply essential against disease and infections.

Jason Prall​

Famed researcher of the world’s longest-lived people. Inspiring filmmaker of the global smash hit, The Human Longevity Project.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Jason…

Why, based on years of research and interviews with the longest-lived people, all health catastrophes are ultimately the loss of this one thing you can most certainly restore…​

Day 7

Wendy Wood, Ph.D.​

World-renowned expert on how to form new habits and break old ones. Featured in The New York Times, Time magazine, USA Today, NPR.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Wendy…

The 3 research-proven keys to successfully develop any health goal or other goal into a true lifelong habit… and to successfully break bad habits.​

Dr. Mark Hyman​

11-time NY Times bestselling author, functional medicine pioneer, internationally famous M.D. Medical advisor to Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Hyman…

The certain “Institutes” that may be enemy #1 to avoiding disease and living long.​

Dr. Michael Greger​

Globally esteemed M.D. & groundbreaking nutrition expert. #1 NY Times bestselling author of How Not to Die. ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer Award winner.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Dr. Greger…

The 3 things everyone should add to their diet, the 3 things everyone should remove from their diet, and the 3 spices Dr. Greger consumes daily – and why.​

Razi Berry​

Founder of award-winning health journals. Inspiring host of the Love is Medicine show.
AANP’s prestigious Champion of Naturopathic Medicine award winner.

Here’s just a taste of the little-known life-changers from Razi…

The three sounds that reduce stress 30% MORE than total silence… and the often-frowned-upon activity that is actually EXCELLENT for you because it releases stress and quickly boosts mood.​

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