The Top 10 Women’s Self Defense Products

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Your need for women’s self-defense products may be a sad reality, but it is a reality.

Every 98 seconds, for example, an American is sexually assaulted – most of them women. 9 out of 10 victims of rape are in fact women. 1 in every 6 American women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape at some point in her lifetime.

When people think about these crimes, they often envision strangers lurking inside cars in parking lots, behind bushes, or in dark alleyways, waiting to attack an unsuspecting woman.

While those crime situations are all-too-common, far more common is women being attacked by people they know in familiar places. In 55% of cases sexual assault occurs at or near the victim’s own home. 12% of the time it is at or near a relative’s home.

Whatever the circumstances, merely being afraid without taking action, or trying to ignore the reality of sexual assault, violent robbery, and other crimes altogether, is simply dangerous.

No one should live in fear nor pretend the dangers aren’t real. And awareness and a personal self-defense plan are the key.

How Do You Want to Protect Yourself?

Women's Self Defense ProductsEssential to your plan is deciding the extent to which you want to protect yourself. Guns are of course widely available and highly controversial; some women insist on carrying a gun, many others abhor the very idea of them.

Beyond guns, though, there are a number of personal security products that are strongly recommended for women.

These self-defense products can inflict real damage that can stop an attack.

They can also deter crimes against you; if, for example, you are carrying pepper spray while walking in a parking lot, would-be attackers are far more prone to leave you alone and await a different potential victim. Even scumbags want to avoid potential pain.

With that in mind, below are the top 10 women’s self-defense products, including the top-rated version of each.

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1) Pepper Spray with Die

best pepper spray for self-defensePepper spray can be very effective for self-defense because it is highly immobilizing, easy to use, and there’s a relative high probability of hitting your target regardless of skill.

Be careful when choosing pepper spray, though, because there’s a wide range of quality and effectiveness.

The Mean Green Pepper Spray by Fox Labs is top-recommended because it:

  • Produces a heavy stream spray pattern, ensuring both greater accuracy and distance
  • Provides up to 18 half-second spray bursts
  • Also leaves a green marker dye on the attacker, making them easier to identify
  • Uses a pepper resin rated at a powerful 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, meaning high effectiveness
  • Is fast and easy to open, but designed to prevent accidental opening
  • Fits comfortably in pockets and purses

Pepper Spray LipstickAnother recommended pepper spray brand is Sabre.

They make this excellent and more discreet lipstick-sized pepper spray.



2) Tactical Knife

Self Defense Knife for Women

Knives can be intimidating. And that’s exactly the point.

First of all, if it’s known that you carry one, or if potential attackers see you carrying one, it can serve as a strong deterrent.

Second, if an attacker is in close quarters to you, the right knife can be an even more efficient and effective weapon than a gun.

A “tactical” knife means a knife ideal for defending yourself.

It should have a blade at least 3 inches long. It should be fast and simple to open yet very difficult to accidentally open. And it should be sturdy so you can trust it won’t break, but light-weight enough that you can effectively use it.

There are many tactical knives available, and while many low-priced models do look impressive, it is no exaggeration that many if not most are garbage.

A general rule is to not skimp when it comes to a tactical knife you’ll be using for your self-defense. The good news with the recommendation below is you don’t need to spend a hundred dollars or more to get quality protection!

One top-rated tactical knife is the Off-Grid Knives – Rapid Fire OG220 because it:

  • Has quality and durability comparable to much higher priced knives
  • Is military-grade, meaning the blade and other parts of the knife won’t easily rust or break like so many other knives. You can trust it to work when you most need it to.
  • Is very fast and easy to open with one hand and little skill.
  • Has a 3.75-inch blade, effective for self-defense.
  • Is compact and easy to store in your purse or pocket.

With any self-defense product it’s important to learn how to use it properly, but it may be especially IMPORTANT with a tactical knife.

The most basic tip is to NOT hold the knife “stabbing style” like you see in horror movies.

Instead hold the handle between your thumb and forefinger, and point the knife forward. That gives you the fastest and widest range of motion.

Uncomfortable as it may be, practicing while visualizing real-world scenarios where you’re getting attacked also makes it less likely you’ll “freeze up” should anyone ever actually attack you.

For more tips on defending yourself with a knife, this is a good starter video:


3) Stun Gun

stun gun for women

A stun gun or “Taser” delivers massive electrical volts into the attacker’s body. Not enough to kill them, but enough to immobilize them so you have time to get away.

One common criticism of stun guns is the attacker has to basically be body-to-body with you for you to deliver the shock.

However, even just briefly firing this unit when an attacker is further away from you can be enough to deter them. Both the look and sound of the crackling electricity is intimidating.

And yes, stun guns are indeed highly effective for close-contact struggles, since making a connection anywhere on the attackers body does the trick.

Vipertek is a widely-respected stun gun brand that makes a line of worthwhile stun guns.

Top recommended is the Vipertek VTS-989, because it:

  • Delivers powerful jolts that last an extended time and can even penetrate thick clothing
  • Is compact so easy to carry in purses, pockets, or on a belt clip
  • Has a smart “snatch prevention” feature. Shock plates on the front sides of the device deliver high voltage shock should an attacker try to snatch it from you.
  • Has a sturdy build

Just be sure to recharge the batteries as needed. Set reminders on your cell phone or other calendar if needed, because you of course want a self-defense product that works when you most need it to.

And for this same reason, with this (and all protection devices), read the instruction manual! It will also help you avoid accidentally shocking yourself. On the one hand, a self-shock provides you a solid example of just how effective these are. On the other hand, it’s no fun and can be dangerous for children, older people and those with certain health conditions.

The Top 10 Threats to Your Life in 2018

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4) Personal Alarm

warning alarm for women

Along with a personal defense weapon, a personal alarm is an essential for women when they’re out.

The best of these alarms basically emit a high-pitched and very loud sound that can be heard from far differences. This alerts anyone around, and usually scares attackers away.

Top-recommended is the PECHAM 130 Decibel Safesound Personal Alarm Keychain because it:

  • Is extremely loud
  • Is quick and easy to use; just pull the alarm switch when needed
  • Attaches easily to keys or your purse
  • Also has a built-in flashlight
  • Is very affordable

5) Super-Bright Tactical LED Flashlight

self defense flashlight

These are not normal flashlights but designed specifically for self-defense.

In addition to highly effective illumination in the dark, shining a tactical super-bright flashlight into the eyes of an attacker can temporarily blind them, giving you crucial time to get away.

Make sure the tactical flashlight is high quality, so it difficult to break and won’t malfunction in even extreme circumstances.

The SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlight with Strike Bezel is not cheap but is top-recommended because it:

  • Produces 300 lumens of focused light, sure to temporarily blind offenders
  • Is nearly indestructible, including a military-grade hard-anodized body
  • With it’s strike bezel, it can also be used as a weapon

6) Tactical Pen

tactical pen for protection

These are not so much pens that can be used for self-defense as they are personal weapons that can be used as pens.

Because they look like attractive high-end pens and therefore “blend in,” and because they are so easy to carry and use as self-defense devices, they should be high on your personal defense consideration list.

Another nice feature on top-quality tactical pens is that the ink in the pens works where most other pens fail, such as in extreme weather.

Again, though, quality and durability make all the difference.

Top-recommended is the Smith & Wesson SWPENBK tactical pen. Yes, it’s made by the same company founded in 1852 and known for their pistols and revolvers made famous in Westerns.

The Smith & Wesson SWPENBK is made of aluminum used on aircraft, and therefore very durable but weighs just 1.4 ounces. It has an easy screw on/off cap on the ink side, and writes very smoothly.

The point side is sharp, very solid, and excellent for self-defense.

7) Kubotan

Kubotan Self Defense Product

Kubotans are simple but effective self-defense tools developed in the 1960s and based on earlier martial arts weapons.

It fits into the palm of your hand and, without mincing words, enables you to stab an attacker.

The FURY Tactical SDK (Self Defense Keychain) with Pressure Tip is top-recommended because it is lightweight but almost indestructible – essential when you are defending yourself. It’s made of the same aluminum used in aircraft.

The grooved design of the Fury also makes it unlikely you’ll lose your grip on it.

At nearly 6 inches it can be hung from your keychain, though many prefer to keep it in their purse, the door or center console of their vehicles, or near their front door for protection.

8) Knife Concealed Inside Key

knife key women's self defense device

This looks like a key on your keychain, until you press the button and out puts a knife.

There are a lot of substandard quality key knives out there, so be careful of which you choose.

The Langxun is a very good quality key knife. The blade is made of stainless steel and very sharp.

It’s not hard for adults to open but children will find it difficult, and it features a safety locking mechanism so it won’t close while you’re using it.

The blade is only about 2 inches long, though, so it’s recommended to use this as a backup self-defense tool to a primary device such as a tactical knife or pepper spray. That said, it is far safer than no other personal safety device at all.

The Top 10 Threats to Your Life in 2018

Discover the 10 highest-probability dangers to your life, health, and sanity this year, and how to protect yourself.

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9) Yoogo – “Super Knuckles”

yoogo personal safety device

The Yoogoo fits comfortably into your fist and greatly increases the impact on attackers when you punch and slash your hands. (It’s also highly effective if you need to break glass in an emergency.)

It’s made of very durable material, is lightweight, and easily attaches to your keys.

And because there are no sharp edges, there should be no issues with getting it through TSA at airports, so it’s a good self-defense product for when you travel.

10) Mini Baseball Bat or Tire Knocker

personal protection mini batA typical baseball bat can make a decent self-defense tool if you’ve got nothing else. But they can be heavy, and they’re too long to carry or store conveniently, such as near you in the car, or by your bed.

The Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Mini Bat is about 20 inches long and weighs 1 pound and 3.8 ounces, making it ideal for self-defense.

It’s made of heavy-grade polypropylene, meaning it’s even stronger and more durable than typical baseball bats.

tire knocker self-defenseAnother option to a small bat is a quality tire knocker, such as the 18-inch-long Ken-Tool 35110 Tire Knocker.

One advantage over a small bat is a tire knocker has a hand strap on the end so if you ever have to use it there’s less chance of it being knocked out of your reach.

Though originally created to manually check the pressure in tires, many people today use tire knockers as potential head-, arm-, and knee-knockers.

Where to Locate Your Self-Defense Products

In Your Hand.
Whether you’re walking home or jogging, heading to your car in a parking lot, or in any other situation you feel it is warranted, it is easy to keep the pepper spray, tactical knives, and keychain self-defense items above ready in your hand. Always follow your instincts and don’t feel “weird” or like you’re over-reacting by carrying a device. It only takes one situation to never regret having it at-the-ready. At the least have it very easily accessible, such as in your pocket or attached to a belt.

On Your Keys.
Most of the self-defense products above are designed to securely attach to your keys, because your keys are typically within your easy reach.

In Your Purse.
In addition to the security product on your keys, it’s smart to keep a backup device in your purse.

In Your Car.
Keep one or more personal security products within easy reach in your car, such as in the storage area of your door and/or the center console.

Near Your Bed.
Keeping a self-defense device in your nightstand, under your mattress, or otherwise easily accessible from your bed is also smart.

Near the Doors of Your Home.
Many women also choose to keep personal security devices near the doors of their home for fast access should the need arise.

Safety If You Have Children

baby safetyBecause of those curious hands and curious minds, and the fact that most of self-defense products look interesting to kids, be extra-vigilant about protecting children from these devices.

Pepper spray, stun guns and tactical knives may be more challenging for kids to use with their safety devices, but there’s really no such thing as “child proof.”

Teach young and old children alike about the extreme dangers of the product, and similar to knives in your kitchen drawer or fire on the stove, to never play with them.

Depending on the maturity level of your children, you can either let them know where the devices are in the home and how to use them should they ever need to, or locate your self-defense products where you can easily access them but it’s highly unlikely for children to reach or find them.

Diversion ProductSome people store small self-defense devices inside “diversion products” that look like everyday items, such as books or grocery products, but are actually containers that you can hide things inside and easily unscrew.

If the intention is to conceal a weapon from kids, try to opt for a diversionary product that won’t interest them much, such as this “Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil Diversion Can.”

Learn Your Self-Defense Products and Practice!

stun gun women self defenseA final note: practice pays off.

if you’re ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself, you won’t regret having learned how to use whatever self-defense products you choose.

Read the instruction manual. Consult videos online.

Most of the devices above are designed for re-use, of course. In the case of pepper spray, consider getting a few and practicing outside with one or more.

And it’s not pleasant, but it is very smart to “visualize” yourself in various crime situations, such as out walking, in your car, or answering the door at home, and practice how you’ll respond with your self-defense products in those situations. This can reduce any chance of “freezing up” in those situations and greatly improve the likelihood that you’ll deter the creeps.

The Top 10 Threats to Your Life in 2018

Discover the 10 highest-probability dangers to your life, health, and sanity this year, and how to protect yourself.

No fear-mongering. No hype. Just the crucial facts.

The Annual U.S. Report from Yours Free Today:


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