20 Little-Known and Fast-Increasing Dangers to Your Dog’s Safety: Excerpt

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Directly below are several short excerpts from our important new report, 20 Little-Known and Fast-Increasing Dangers to Your Dog’s Health and Safety.

In our research, we discovered over 20 little-known dangers like these causing death and serious injury to dogs at fast-rising rates. Many are unaware of the 20+ dangers in the report, but anyone who owns a dog truly needs to be — because as you’ll see they’re ALL highly preventable.

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Brian Vaszily, co-Founder and CEO, YouDefense.com


Excerpt #1 from 20 Little-Known and Fast-Increasing Dangers to Your Dog’s Safety:

Keep Dogs Safe from Batteries!

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Another item that sends dogs to the veterinarian or emergency room in droves every year is batteries. And because we’re using more batteries more than ever, the problem is escalating.

Typical alkaline batteries like C, AA, and AAA batteries are dangerous enough, because if a dog chews them they can cause irritation, suffocation, and serious digestive issues.

But the small round and coin-shaped “button” batteries in so many items pose an even greater risk, because they can quickly and literally burn a hole through your dog’s esophagus, amongst other issues.

battery dog dangers

You may not realize it, but these button batteries are in MANY items in most homes.

They can be in your car fob, toys, musical greeting cards, watches, holiday ornaments, hearing aids and much more.

  • Keep all TV, radio, toy and other electronic device remote controls out of the reach of dogs.
  • If ANY item in your home does anything electronic – bleeps, lights up, etc. – and it’s not connected to an outlet in your wall, there is a battery inside it. Keep all such objects out of your dog’s reach.
  • Never leave batteries of any sort sitting out anywhere. Immediately dispose of all old batteries in garbage containers dogs cannot access.

If you ever suspect your dog chewed and/or swallowed a battery, do not try to induce vomiting on your own. Get them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Excerpt #2 from 20 Little-Known and Fast-Increasing Dangers to Your Dog’s Safety:

Suffocation Deaths are Widespread:
7 Keys to Prevent It

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The use of plastic bags continues to escalate. And dogs are dying at an increasing rate due to suffocation from these plastic bags.

It’s so common there’s a petition underway to get food companies to add warning labels to their chip bags and other bags.

The fact is, plastic bags of all types – chip bags, bags inside boxes of cereal and other products, plastic storage bags, plastic grocery bags, and more – pose a very serious threat to your dog.

Follow these 7 key guidelines below:

  1. Never leave plastic bags of any sort within reach of puppies and dogs.
  2. Empty dried foods out of plastic bags and into reusable containers instead.
  3. Don’t eat snacks from bags on the couch. Transfer them to bowls or other containers. You could fall asleep or step away, and suffocation can happen fast.
  4. Throw bags away in tightly sealed garbage cans that dogs cannot reach.
  5. Be extra cautious if you have social gatherings in your home and yard, including if others are bringing snacks.
  6. If your dog is a yard dog, do a scan for bags and other potentially hazardous trash that might have flown in the yard.
  7. Don’t give people snacks to your dog, including and especially from bags, which trains them to seek out people snacks in bags.

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Excerpt #2 from 20 Little-Known and Fast-Increasing Dangers to Your Dog’s Safety:

Magnets Pose a Unique Danger

two dogs

Magnets, like kids alphabet magnets or souvenir magnets, can be the perfect size for chewing, and dogs seem magnetically attracted to them (bad pun intended).

But if a dog swallows two or more magnets – and it happens more often than people realize – it can be a very painful and dangerous situation.

That’s because the magnets in different areas of the dog’s digestive tract, usually their intestines, can pull together, essentially binding and strangling those internal body parts.

magnets dog safety

This can cut off blood supply, and if it is not dealt with promptly, it can kill those internal organs – and quite possibly the dog.

Keep magnets far out of the reach of dogs, and where they can’t easily accidentally be dropped to the floor. If it’s possible your dog did ingest magnets, contact your vet right away.

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